What Are You Goals For 2020

What are you going to do in 2020? What are you going to change? How are you going to become better?

Those who plan and write down goals are 10X time more likely to achieve those goals.

Don't be scared, step out of the norm, become someone that you want to be. Start taking steps to escape the race and create the life you want to live.

Write down at least 3 Big Audacious Goals for 2020, then start taking massive 🌟imperfect action.🌟 Learn along the way!

I promise you that you will be in a better position to achieve those goals quicker then you think. When you turn around in Spring and look back on where you came from you will be moving forward and in the right direction.

Schedule time for success! What are you doing between 8 - 12 PM? After dinner when the house quiets down, don't sit on the couch and watch TV, or the ever depressing news. This is the time to make your fortune, this is the time to take that action.

Your 9 to 5 makes you a living, the time you set aside to work toward your goals makes you a fortune.

If you need help, ask. If you need education, learn. Share your 2020 goals with your loved ones and friends. Don't keep them in, sharing them makes them real, it makes them come to life. Find someone that will help hold you accountable to the goals you have set.

Now don't fool yourself, you will have naysayers, people who criticize you, and might even think your crazy. That is ok because these are not their goals, these are your goals. You have to remember to tune them out, and only take advice from someone who is in the position that you would like to be in.

If you need help, ask. If you need education, learn. If you need guidance, seek it. Just Start!

Good Luck in 2020 and reach out if you need any help or guidance.

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